• Darkoneko Hellsing

    What goes around, come around.

  • jsfury

    nice work on the Colt Peacemaker revolver. Looks like a duel action.

  • Luma Lilac

    ~do you wanna know a little irony about me~

  • Rachel

    Ooof! Yeah, it’s going to be hard to break him out of this memory.

  • Maybe start yelling it’s a dream/bad memory to wake him up instead of “PUT DOWN THE GUN” since you know, fog causing major tripping of course he’s going to think it’s his opponent/foe saying it.

  • Max Pearce

    I like how from Vesper’s point of view her dad has been a warm and loving figure but now that we see him from Dom’s perspective he’s an intimidating and threatening figure

  • Charlotte

    I think he might need to be shocked by someone in some way, to snap out of it.
    Vesper came to her senses with the sight of wounded Corrick, who brought her back to reality. What is it that could hit Dom as hard as that?
    …Maybe a punch?

  • normaschthewanderer

    I’ve been meaning to ask, do you make your pages on the computer and if so what program do you use?

    • plumecomic

      This is way late– because the emails no longer come to me (wahh) — but they are all digital. I use Photoshop.