• Charlotte

    I’m formulating a headcanon for this.
    Corrick’s now used to sleep in that position not to disturb anyone else sleeping around him. For someone who likes to sleep in complete darkness, his glowing eyes must be a real pain.
    “Goddammit, can someone turn Corrick off?!”

  • I_used_ToBeABlackbird

    I never wondered about it, but did he have to eat/sleep while he was bound to the medallion? I doubt he would get tired in the way that normal ppl do, so did he just stand guard? Go back into the necklace until the person wearing it woke up? Did he watch them sleep? Important questions…

    • Charlotte

      Well, from what we saw in the comic so far, Corrick used to stand by Vesper’s side every moment, at any occasion: while having, meals, while sleeping, while taking baths (!). Never saw him do any of those things, though, ever. So we could think that he didn’t need any of that stuff in order to stay alive; bullets didn’t seem to leave scars either (though I always wondered where the bullets would go after hitting him – absorbed, disintegrated by magic, deviated at contact with his skin?).
      Personally, I find the inability to sleep very scary – to always be conscious, talking to yourself while everyone else’s asleep, gosh. >.<

      Would also be nice to know in which circumstances he would go back inside of the amulet. Could he do so by free will? He used to stay by Vesper's father's side as a human, but was given to Vesper as just an amulet.

      • I_used_ToBeABlackbird

        I’d forgotten about that hilarious montage of Vesper’s life after Corrick came out of the amulet; but yes, the thought of not sleeping is terrifying, so maybe he enters a state of nothingness (or something like that) whenever he’s in the amulet? As a type of “rest”.

        I think he can go back in when he wants: he did get out of it when Vesper was a toddler and wasn’t seen until she fell into the ice.

        • Charlotte

          I think that’s how it’d work. Though it’s not “official” since it’s never been explained properly through the comic (not that I recall anyway, but feel free to correct me if I’m mistaking). Still, very plausibile.

  • Mario Santangelo

    someone go kidnap a pastor and force-marry these two already, before I explode.

  • I do

  • Lazy

    Somebody please cuddle him 🙁