• Darkoneko Hellsing

    Dom beared with it for a grand total of 5 seconds. We all know it was him.

  • I see you in the corner of the first panel, Corrick! Are you trying to apologize by giving her that ring? Or is that your idea of a proposal? http://rs1215.pbsrc.com/albums/cc506/diraselly/Gif/tumblr_le3nu9QUKW1qct8mq.gif~c200

  • Cherbearian

    Boss Vesper uses Scold! Sass level is at critical! Limit Break!

  • Charlotte

    Honey, if you’re not willing to wear it, Magic Ring is of no use, sooo… 👀

  • Ada

    a ringer on the saddle horn for the pretty lady
    from the fella who feels vulnerable around you

  • Smooth marriage proposal