• Charlotte

    I don’t think I can handle Corrick’s cuteness in that last panel. Send help.

    I kinda understand why Vesper’s so upset. Corrick’s doubtful attitude could be interpreted as mistrust in her and in what she can accomplish even without magic.
    Though really, he’s doing this just for her. I suspect that if it was for him, he wouldn’t even get close to Azeel. Fighting him? Pff, not likely.
    He’s doing it ’cause he can’t afford to loose her. I bet he dreamt of being free from the spell for so long, and yet he doesn’t hesitate to turn back as he was if that means protecting her from harm.
    Poor Corrick. ç.ç

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    And put it on the fourth finger !

  • Artblinked

    Better this than Corrick pulling a Michael Scofield.

  • This page is definitely what it will be like on their wedding day: First panel: Vesper *watching him debating which finger to put the ring on* “Is he serious?” Second panel: Vesper, “Are you going to put the ring on my finger???” Third panel: Corrick, “Vesper, which finger is the ring finger?” *Vesper walks away* last panel: Corrick, “Wait- no, come back… I don’t know which finger is my ring finger ;-;”

  • Ada
  • TheCatCameBack

    Is it just me or does that look like an engagement ring?