• Charlotte

    He’d deserve to be slapped. õ.õ

  • Nemo Scit Nihil

    “I have to do this” usually precedes, in my experience, questionable actions, this should be interesting

  • kazali

    I don’t understand why the amulet breaking didn’t kill him. That’s the only way he’s been able to live for so long, right? So now that he’s without his magic, shouldn’t he have melted away like that dude from Indiana Jones? Or does losing his magic just mean he’ll continue to age naturally now until he’s bound to a different spell? You’d think he’d experience significant physical injuries or something, at least.

    • Charlotte

      Well, his hair stayed white. xP

    • Corrick, being all fancy and magical probably healed any injuries, now his aging is a different story, him being bound to the ring probably just put a pause. After all, some magical stuff going on here. And you never question magic. Never.

      • kazali

        LOL! You’re right; my mistake. Wibbly wobbly, magic-y wagic-y.

  • Corrick: “More substantial”? What, like a horse?

    • Aierdome

      This begs the question: would the horse also turn immortal? And all golden and glowy? Because glowing golden Corrick riding on a glowing golden steed would be quite a sight.

      • Max Pearce

        K can we please please have this?

    • tina

      More substantial, like a bigger diamond……..like in an engagement ring.😉

  • Nano

    Okay but like
    “Now that I’m bound to this ring for all eternity, Vesper, will you marry me?”

    • Kelsey Swanson

      I- well-…smooth.