• Nemo Scit Nihil

    Damn, that look.
    Also, leave the boy with the boomstuff, maybe he’ll do something right with it? (Maybe)

  • Srara
  • Charlotte

    Ha! Vesper’s no fool!

    Tho I fear Corrick is going to do something stoopid anyway. And be a disappointment to Vesper.
    But Corrick was just promoted to the grade “Friend-that-is-okay-to-kiss-on-the-cheek”, that’s not fair! >3<

    Classic example of a person who wants to do a good thing but is handling the situation very badly. VERY.

    • Ada

      well, the amusements are about to get to the special effects bit, depending who shoves who
      and nothing roasting over the fire
      … dinner and a show are not going as Corrick planned

  • Aierdome

    In today’s news: Hunter saves the day again – Dom is clueless as ever – mysterious ring situation continues to be mysterious.

  • Artblinked

    Okay Vesper, tell me what you know. I’m dying here.

  • MuseMeter