• That’s no make out session like I wanted followed by babies, but that’ll do K. Lynn, that’ll do.

    • David

      u ungratEFUL-

      • I need some Corrick and Vesper babies in my life. I NEED IT!!!

  • Shane Firth

    This is where we find out he is still immortal because he stands like for 500 years.

    • plumecomic

      I snorted. Thank you.

  • LizzywithaWhy

    Okay but the way he stands when she walks away with those huge eyes and his hands still up. Someone photoshop him holding a kitten.

  • Lirk

    He looks more worried than flustered, which is worrying. Stop breaking my heart.

  • Srara
  • David
  • Charlotte

    Acc! So close! Next time have better aim, Vesper! >:3

    Corrick’s last expression is no good. He’s more worried than ever now.

  • Reyna

    Too fast, Vesper, moving too fast!

  • corrick.exe has encountered a problem and must shut down. Reboot?

  • Max Pearce

    Honestly I think just friends is where I want them, this whole time I’ve been waiting for the kiss but now I’m seeing that they built this amazing chemistry and relationship without romance and honestly that’s how I’d like it to stay. Although I can hardly believe Corrick feels the same as I do.

  • http://i.imgur.com/qnomYjz.gif

    Eww girls and their touching…

  • Artblinked

    I think Corrick blush is my new favorite color.

    • Ada

      along with Tegan rouge
      and Vesper lip gloss

  • I love this. I might kind of secretly pine for a wild grab-n-kiss, but this fits them like a (discarded) glove. I love the way Vesper almost casually kisses him and I love the way he’s thrown for a loop, the way the balance of feeeeeelings has shifted to Corrick now that he can experience them in a real way.