• Ada

    Corrick, that’s not a way to hold a lady’s hand…
    … even if Tegan preferred the wrists. 😉

  • Someone tell that poor man that girls do not have cooties.

    • Ada

      there comes a time in every Corrick’s incarnation where chasing the cooties feels good.
      Catching a case of the cooties results in a delirium of wuv and a rash of rom-coms

      • As long as he doesn’t start acting like Matthew McConaughey I think we can all live with that.

        • Ada

          let’s not loose our heads over this, we all can’t live without them;
          at least he’s not like Henry the VIII

    • salina

      i mean everyone had cooties for a long period of time. his death touch did not discriminate

  • spas

    that’s not the WAY that i wanted to touch you

  • LazyReader

    “Ahhh, physical contact…. O_o