• Nanna

    Sooo is this where the smoochies happen or- oh serious talk? Okay, okay I can deal with serious talkXD

  • Enorelle


  • Srara
    • David

      sara, sweetie, i hate to be the one to break it to u but vesper is hella gay…

  • Max Pearce

    Come on, we’ve been through a lot. Please dear god let this happen

  • Basil Dick

    I’m still not ready for them to kiss! They’re finally on more even ground now that his powers have been zapped (even if Corrick fears for his usefulness), and they probably need some more time to adjust to the situation, as well as the new/old path they’re treading with his brother. I know they’ve been friends for a while, but I feel like there are still so many steps to take before their relationship gets to that point.
    I mean, the author can obviously do whatever she wants with her story and characters (it’s already awesome), but I’m still hoping for a longer burn to the romance~

  • I got the same thing for Christmas! Must be a popular gift this year. *blows nose and coughs a while*

    • plumecomic

      It’s lovely, isn’t it? *hack, wheeze*