• Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Let’s just sell everything and retire in someplace near the MediteranĂ©an sea”

    • plumecomic

      Actually, he might have the right idea…

      • Ada

        on the plus side, the gang gets reunited with Tegan on The Other Side going with the “Just-us” revenge idea…

  • sohmamon

    No, you may not. Now sit down and shut up.

  • billydaking

    Hey, at least he asked first.

  • C3PO


  • Ada

    …just listen…
    we use this to start our own venture capital firm…
    … buying and selling backgrounds!
    we’ll make a killing in the webcomic market.
    (4th wall tackily broken)

  • Aierdome

    “Let’s use this fortune to buy some mercenaries to do the job for us!”

  • salina

    oh my god leave. you and your plan need to leave