Chapter Fifteen: 023

Probably one of my favorite pages thus far… What does that say about me?

Also, there’s going to be a small break since I will be traveling for Fantasia and Phoenix Comicon. I will update when I can!

  • My fucking heart just stopped #thanks

  • austriankangaroo

    I am afraid of what comes next… Help.

  • Max Pearce

    I am so jealous of how expressive you make the faces, as soon as I saw the 4th panel I had tears come to my eyes. You’re an amazing artist and writer.

    • plumecomic

      YOU’RE amazing and I love you and I love this comment. Thank you.

  • Stefania Alexandra Ibarra

    Please tell me they are about to kiss!

  • This will either be a tender moment or end badly because those are some Famous Last Words. I swear to God no matter what there better be some side bit where these two can just be a cranky married old couple arguing over the right way to put on boots or something. As a creator I enjoy torturing my creations but as a reader it’s like CAN WE JUST HUG EVERYONE?

    • Ada

      there be more hugs to go around when Corrick and Vesper run away to join a polygamy colony

      (there is no longer a traditional circus in the united states. who do the meme generation run away to join?)

      • Maybe if they can find all the loot Dom has stashed away they could all take a vacation to Canada. I’d say Hawaii, but I’m sure they’re all tired of heat and at least in Canada the worst that could happen is a wild moose.

        • Ada

          Canadian wolverine goose

          • Geese in general, man.

          • Ada

            don’t start a land war in Asia and slightly less known:
            don’t mess with a Canadian when their nest is on the line?

  • Srara

    *music swells*

  • And the feel trip continues

  • Charlotte

    Ugh, of course he had to be real.
    But you know what, even though I’m feeling heartbroken right now, this is one of my fav pages so far, too. Now, what does this say about ME??

    The build up to this moment, Vesper’s expression, that “Never”. <3
    Really shows how strong their bond is, and how they always were there to support eachother, no matter what. Hurts to see Vesper tearing up and being so vulnerable, too.

  • Ada