• Vesper: … IT’S NOT MY FAULT.
    Tegan: Totally is. I still died and you took my wallet to pay the doctor bill.
    Vesper: Do I look like I carry that much money?
    Tegan: Oh sure you can afford a boyfriend who looks like he swallowed an LED light but you can’t pay a doctor bill. Cheap bitch.

    • Ada

      Conspiracy Hypothesis: Vesper stole Tegan’s old boyfriend

      • Or her bra. Yeah sure Vesper has to stuff the thing when wearing it, but dammit sometimes your milkshake ain’t enough to bring the boys to the yard. That’s why Tegan’s positioned like that on the ground. Even in death she has to hold back those puppies because of Vesper.

        • Ada

          alternative mansplation of sistars: ghost Teagan has give a signal she’s fibbing so she crossed her arms
          fyi: clothes stealing occurs most often when it fits nicely if you listen to the yelling dialogue

          • Yeah but when the other party is dead all bets are off for whether it fits or not. Plus everyone knew they were gonna probably die so Vesper figures this is her last ditch effort. It’s either that or Dom stole it, though I shudder to think that he’s using it for. Or trying to use it for.

          • plumecomic

            *Wanders in, sipping a coffee*

            Pause. Blink. Blink.

            *Turns and wanders out*

          • Hi my name’s Sara and I generally ruin everything because I like to think I’m funny. 😀 Also this comic is best comic.

          • plumecomic

            *Wanders back in, strokes your hair tenderly, then turns and wanders back out*

          • Ada

            so Dom thiefed what Vesper stole from Tegan: What was Dom’s motive?
            his modus operandi I wouldn’t guess as so… lacy/frilly

          • You’ve heard of a ball bag, right? And Dom has an ego the size of the sun. And also sometimes things get sweaty when you’re in the desert. If I elaborate I’m afraid I’m going to be put in the time out corner.

          • Ada

            I bet Dom’s ego causes him to stuff his clothing with Dynamite to impress the Dark Magician

          • Well he does have an explosive temper and I’m sure he always wanted to go out with a bang. Probably not that version of the word, but well beggars can’t be choosers.

  • This actually hurt

  • Soda Pop

    Thanks for breaking my heart

  • Kryspix

    right in the kokoro

  • ColdxNorth

    Oh no! My heart..! Nnnnnoooooooooooooo!!!

  • You know what, it’s right. All my characters… the more I love them, the more I torture them… …Ilivefortheangst

    • plumecomic

      We’re monsters. *high fives*

  • This hurts even more than the last page!