• Shadow Star

    This is amazing! I love this comic SO much!!! <3 <3 I cant wait for the next page! <3

  • Yurii Furtat

    Please don’t leave us hanging for too long!

    • plumecomic

      I’ll do everything in my power to not leave you in a sinking pit of dirt. I swear. 🙂

  • Basil Dick

    Dom, is that you? Is this heading towards a moment of forgiveness/basic battle strategy

    “…What? I’m not a king?”
    “Um…” [just lets go]

  • Leelee

    My only thought: WHOSE HAND IS THAT?!

    • BardiBardi

      SAME! I can’t wait for the next page! The suspense is just too big >w<

    • Ada

      post-Easter Tegan straight from the Degoba ranch.
      (the Heart of Gold is the most improbable horse west of the Mississippi)

  • Charlotte
  • ColdxNorth

    C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon JUST PULL HER UP ALREADY

  • Luces

    Cheers for that helping hand. As nobody is safe in that story of yours, K, I feared for the worst