• Charlotte

    Oh no, here we go. It’s the beginning of the end (well, at least we can’t say you haven’t warned us)!

  • Oh crap. Now you did it.

  • Max Pearce

    Please have mercy on our little fanboy hearts

  • Cue “Thriller” and everyone dancing.

  • Ada

    Alight, I’m gonna cast a spell….
    I cast…
    a spelling bee!

  • Srara
  • TheCatCameBack

    “Spoiler: It’s a love spell”
    … what does that even MEAN!?!?!

  • Kryspix

    It’s like the Fifth Element – It was love the whole time

  • sohmamon

    Oh, this won’t go badly at ALL.

  • BardiBardi

    Uuuh… I can’t stand Corrick’s tears in the first panel… X_x Please, leave him alone D:
    Welp, now I’m afraid, by the way… what does he mean? I hope he won’t bind Corrick to the book/make him evil/something like this.