• Charlotte

    I read these pages and I think, how the heck are they ever gonna beat him? This guy keeps annihilating them. Every. Single. Time.

    This chapter is gonna kill ME, I know.

    • Because someone’s going to eventually find the plug for his special effects machine and pull it out the socket.

  • They really should’ve brought scissors. Or Goo-Gone. XD

    • Ada

      hedge trimmers, chainsaws, three hole puncher, etc

      • Yeah, none of these fancy-shmancy artifacts! Just raid the gardening / office departments.

        • Ada

          the grounds keepers will give Mr Fredrick an earful after Vesper’s raid of the gardening shed:
          “the museum hedges take forever with the hula hoop tied to the stegosaurus!”

  • Cherbearian

    Damn you Aze-… Azi-… Aza-… One-eyed Az. Damn you One-eyed Ass. I mean Az.

  • Leelee

    Just reading the updates page by page is SO STRESSFUL (even though updates are really frequent which is amazing).

    Protect my babies. Please. No more untimely or unexpected deaths.

  • Well I’m in shock again…. thanks for that

  • Kerk

    Someone needs to save the day here