• Darkoneko Hellsing

    That’s private ! God, people these days.”

  • Charlotte

    Oh noes Corrick!! Apsntdfjqncjajsoxncbsjafk is this the same shitty thing he did to Tegan? Is it?!

    It wasn’t a really good idea to leave him essentially without any weapons. Being Magic Man again would have turned in handy right now. Maybe not under the same spell, but maybe something with a less curse-y feeling and more heck-yeah in it? I’m sure there are plenty of cool spells inside that book. >3<

  • Basil Dick

    That’s gotta be some shitty dejavu

  • Srara
  • Kit

    It’s time to just shoot the book. Go Al Capon style on it. It seemed to slow the brother down when shooting him directly the first time. Just plug a few holes in the book and see how the brother works with a few bits and pieces missing from all of the magic pages. Don’t die Corrick. We like you too much.

  • LulaJune

    Waiting for the next update is going to frigging murder me, omg
    This whole scene has been so intense

  • Omymel

    so highly unlikely since she can’t read, but…. what if Vesper becomes a glowy person to protect Corrick?