• Claire Johnson

    Come on Corrick.

  • Ada

    AAAA Incan Moving Services?!!
    another phonebook relic in a wild west web

  • Tearing out pages: apparently not working.
    Next plan: Sarcastically reading the contents hoping to hurt the book’s feelings.

  • Cherbearian

    I love everything about this page. The expressions, the book pages, the incantation bubbles… it is literally awesome. Here, take all my awe.

  • That moment when you forget your reading glasses T_T

  • What a gripping read.

  • Kassi Williams

    It’s easy to forget that english probably isn’t Corricks mother tongue. I wonder what his language sounds like~

    • Charlotte

      I wonder if he’s got some kind of accent while speaking english.

  • Charlotte

    Tried to zoom in and read what Corrick was reaing out loud in that last panel. It’s gibberish! But well, what was I supposed to expect? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cd7fe754d631616ae21ab7e61101fab23eaedcc958eeb133198bbf7f1c1fab3c.png

  • Luces

    You mean actually putting letters together? Doesn’t it hurt the eyes? 😉