• Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Am I supposed to enter the book and take his place now ?”

  • Charlotte

    I know this comment is completely out of place, but I’m really digging this green-eyed Corrick.
    I mean, the glowing thingy was very cool and badass-looking, but it made him feel very cold and, well, inhuman (duh) but also detached from the others. Hope you get what I mean… While this green hue gives him more warmth. I know we had already seen him with green eyes in a flashback, but it was brief. The more I look at them, the more I think this color suits him. It’s mild.

    So, please don’t let him turn yellow and glowy again. DX

  • Srara

    “Finally, that low-carb chicken Cordon Bleu casserole recipe is mine!”

  • Corrick: So… this might be a bad time to tell you guys this…
    Vesper: What? What do you need?
    Dom: Shit man what?
    Corrick: …. I can’t read.
    All Three: WHAT?!
    Corrick: Look goddammit I’m not proud of this. I tried Hooked on Phonics and everything but I just can’t!

    And then everyone died and Tegan spent the rest of eternity beating Corrick’s head in with a dictionary.