• maeverin

    Dom are you surrendering already? Damn that was fast.

  • Charlotte

    What is Corrick exactly doing? lol

    • plumecomic

      He’s…. Oh god, what IS he doing?

      • Charlotte

        That’s what I thought. XD
        The important thing though is that he looks confident while doing it. Confidence is key.

      • My thought was “gearing up to punch his brother in the face”

  • Proof that the whole gang watched movies like “The Pagemaster” one too many times and fully expected Hell upon flipping open the book. Little did they know what was really going on was a serious game of Rock, Paper, Scissors between the runes on the pages and Corrick.

  • Srara

    That foreshortening on Vesper’s hand and gun tho. It’s amazing.

  • Ada

    1801: A West Odyssey
    Gum flappin’ Zarathustra

  • chinonshou

    Me and the squad when it’s time to group study for a test

    • plumecomic

      This made me snort.