• The only thing that man would gladly stab is a pinata and only if it had money in it.

    • Cherbearian

      I dunno, he seems like the kind of guy with a hidden sweet tooth. Candy might be enough… aaand now I am imagining Dom guarding a giant pile of sweets, like some sort of dragon or Gollum.

      • They’d probably have to be in gold-colored foil wrapping though. Or at least mostly hard candy so if anyone got too close he could pelt them in the head with the candy and do some level of damage.

  • oddeyesight

    Do you blame him though? I mean, Azeel is… yeah…

  • billydaking

    Hunter and Dom: The New Old West Odd Couple

  • MrTopHatMan

    Hey; Dom is smart, Cowards get to live, it also helps when you are about to gain deathflags like a madman

  • Charlotte

    Dom always gets frowned upon (and frowned at), lol
    But I expect big things from him. Quite sure that in the end he will do something heroic that will question everyone’s opinion about him again.