• Battersea

    Wow this looks so badass

  • This looks like it’s gonna be a good chapter. Vesper looks feisty as hell.

  • keeeeeeen

  • rogue android


  • sohmamon

    Awwwww yessssss!

  • Check my gurrrl, all ready to kick ass and take names! And take back her Papa’s gun too? I bet that’s not all she’s gonna take back, so Dom better watch out. Cause she’s a strong, independent woman and she don’t need no man… but she’s coming for him anyway *hype hype*

  • Crissy

    As we as readers mature, Vesper matures with us

  • Looks like a spy movie poster, i like it

  • Nrolad Dro

    The chapter title and figure looks like it’s commercializing a new diet 😀

  • Katie

    No more low ponytail for her, Vesper is ready to kick ass.

  • Gamerglo

    Go claim yo man for yourself again, Vespy!