• I cant wait, I want them to reunite with Vesper and Tegan!

    • Meagan

      I want them to reunite and I wanna see a fight! 😀

  • Heather

    Corrick is mounting up on the wrong side of the horse…
    #alwaysmountontheleft #donthateme

    • plumecomic

      I’m just… I’m just gonna leave this here:

      “Mounting consistently from the left side puts a lot of pressure on the right side of a horse’s withers, which can cause a sore back. It also causes the muscles on either side of his body to develop differently. Training him to accept a rider from either side can help equalize this and make him more balanced. It makes equal sense from the rider’s point of view, since situations may arise in which mounting from the left isn’t an option: you could be stuck on a trail on a slope so steep that it’s not safe to mount from the left for fear of pulling your horse over on you. Even your saddle will benefit from using both sides to mount — the tree won’t warp and the stirrup leathers will stretch equally.”


      • Heather

        That’s good in theory, but I’ve never come across a horse that’s been trained to accept a mount from either side. Corrick must have some mad horse training skills 😉

        • plumecomic

          I grew up with horses; I could mount from either side. But hell, my horse was narcoleptic. True story.

          We’ll just chalk it up to Corrick being magic and such. 😉

        • Crayonite

          Almost every horse I have ridden have accepted mounting from both sides. A few I have trained to be cool with that.

          It’s ten minutes and treats you need, Corrick’s magic tricks are not necessary 😉

  • Ada

    impending payout = room with a moose?

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Cor’s face in the last panel.

  • You done been PLAYED motha-sucka!

    Lolol Dom is just too easy X’D

  • CountSessine

    Google search results:
    “impending payout” – 336
    “impending doom” – 425,000

    Dom, your subconscious may be trying to tell you something.

  • WitUnderPressure

    five bags of potatoes later…

    “I never said how we’d be paid.”

  • Becky

    Panel 1: the face of a man who knows he’s being played.
    Panel 2: the face of a man who is rolling with it anyway.

    We’ve all been there…

  • Browser

    I honestly read that as “impending doom” before realising that the letters were in the wrong pattern…