• “like nine dollars”

    “I’m in”

    • Jonathan Hughes

      That’s over $200 in today’s money (assuming that the story takes place prior to 1913, which seems about right).

      • how dare you add logic to my joke. scandalous

      • Becky

        $200 is not enough to risk certain death…. for most of us reading this. xD

        • i’d risk certain death for a crisp 2 dollar bill, i’m broke!

  • sohmamon

    Dom just got plaaaaaayed!

  • Morgan

    At least Corrick can con Dom into helping him…. unlike Vesper

  • Aierdome

    Ha! That made me laugh…

  • He’s so easy jfc.

  • Dom, you whore

  • J9k9

    Dom, you petty shit.

  • I absolutely love this. Like… Corrick has spent enough time with Dom to know that this last resort will con Dom into helping him. And he uses it with a straight face, too. Like, he had to take a moment and straighten his face to tell that lie (unless it’s no lie?). XD

  • Allison Monroe

    Well, Corrick has Dom all figured out.

  • Ripleysdude

    A lot of money: The amount of money in my pocket (72 cents)

  • Bloo_Burry

    Corrick’s face in the forth panel. XD Love it.

  • Gamerglo

    I love how they are just so sick of each other’s shit at this point.

    I love it.

  • salina

    sensible my batouchies

  • tinwatchman

    Okay, I have to admit, Dom’s kinda growing on me.