• sohmamon

    …DOM. Listen to the nice glowstick man, okay???

  • Goldenheart06

    NOW KISS *smooshes faces together*

    (just now read the description, glad i’m not alone XD)

  • Faolan Rei

    Corrick: We gotta save the world!
    Dom: Nah

  • Morgan

    If only Vesper was there to knock some sense into Dom….

  • CptNerd

    I wonder if being torn to shreds by the force of evil would knock that smirk off Dom’s face…

  • kat

    I think Dom may be my favorite character?

  • Charlotte

    And now, an intense Gomorra-style dialogue. XD

  • Corrick: the bad guys probably have a really nice loot that’ll help you get through for at least a couple of months.
    Dom: sold. Let’s go.

  • cmccrzy

    Dom: My conditions are that you do what I say willingly and stop being an ass to me.
    Corrick: …On second thought, this world can burn. At least that means we’ll both probably be dead.

  • rogue android

    Man, I can feel Corrick’s frustration. I wonder if he mentally compares the people he’s been attached to; right about now, Vesper’s probably looking more and more agreeable all the time.