Chapter Eleven: 017

Vesper’s snark is in full swing today. I love it.

In other news, we are still on tour, traveling through the Midwest and loving it. Which is why the posts will off its schedule. Forgive?


  • sohmamon

    I love her reaction!

  • Elizabeth Calloway-Plante

    That is an excellent come back, lol

  • Cherbearian

    Is he stuttering? Otherwise wouldn’t it be *an* Agatha Murdock? /runs away and whimpers in the corner/

    • Cherbearian

      That said, I love this so much! Snarktastic!

    • plumecomic

      I can’t tell you how long I went back and forth, saying it out loud. I know, grammatically, it should be an ‘an’, but if someone were to say it out loud, what would they choose? Anywho– I changed it. Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

      • Cherbearian

        Haha, I legitimately did the same thing. I was mild to moderately sure I was just being a Snobby McJackass but I felt so compelled. Also, for the record, I must state: Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, you replied to my comment, I think I might faint. You are just so talented and awesome and also gorgeous and I have hyperventilated myself into fangirl mode and I should stop now. /swoon

        • plumecomic

          Haha! YOU are amazing, and… *grabs your face tenderly and whispers*… I love you.

          • Cherbearian

            Snort… Huh… Whuh? Did I… I think I fainted. *touches nose* Is this… Blood? What day is it?

  • Allison Monroe

    Ba! hahah!