• the good ol’ pretend to betray your friend just to distract the enemies and then shoot ’em plan. classic

  • Charlotte

    They went for the Miguel-Tullio distracting strategy! @_@

    • Justin Pham

      They call them Miguel and Tulio.

      • Justin Pham

        The mighty and powerful gods.

        • plumecomic

          Heh. >:3

  • Best. Page. Ever!

  • CptNerd

    Still don’t know which one’s Hope and which one’s Crosby…

  • Pons Asinorum


  • cmccrzy

    Warrior lady best buds 4life.

  • Aierdome

    I knew it was coming, but still: hell yeah!

  • Nemo Scit Nihil

    Gorramit I love these dames

  • Isabella Beatriz Fernandes Roc

    Squad goals :3

  • sohmamon

    They’re so good!

  • TWD

    For some reason pages 9 and 12 aren’t showing up! 🙁 I can infer, but it would be nice to see.

    • plumecomic

      I had just repaired an issue on the site. If you clear your cache, it should show up.

      • TWD

        I see them now, thanks! I’m glad I can, because my inference did not do this page justice.

  • tinwatchman