• Faolan Rei

    Wow, Tegan, rude.

  • berg

    I’m loving the expressions of the guys in the background
    “should we…. interrupt… or something”

  • Pons Asinorum

    I’ve got the feeling that Tegan is really just tricking them fellas to get them out of the mud. Too bad she didn’t inform vesper about that plan.

    • Awa

      I think Vesper knows, and is cooperating in a very convincing ways.
      Vesper is cunning and has drive enough to not care if she has to use foul play to win, so Tegan willingly keeping her in that kind of lock would result in Vesper elbowing or punching her in the boobs.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “No offense sweetheart, I enjoyed helping you, but I enjoy money, too.”

  • CptNerd

    I’ve seen this movie…

  • cmccrzy

    THIS IS WHY YOU TREAT YOUR FRIENDS LIKE MORE THAN DIRT VESPER lol Well now the shoe is on the other foot.

  • rogue android

    Umm…faith shaken, but not yet broken. Whatcha up to, Teegs?

  • SamiyaYume

    Pretty sure that look on the last page was a “You ready to run a con?” look. I doubt Tegan would’ve stuck around with Vesper this long if she was just going to sell her out for money.

  • Tegan 101: Nothing makes a better distraction to men than to see two women tousling about together.

  • chaneslaughter

    But they gave each other THE LOOK™

  • Alyssa Wong

    insert some meme involving Tulio and Miguel for Vesper and Tegan respectively