Chapter Eleven: 008

Guess she won’t be using that poster in her scrapbook. Oh well.

Also– again — going to be at Gem City Comic Con this weekend, and then Seattle’s Emerald City the following week, so posts might be a bit sporadic. If you’re in the area, please stop on by! I’ll be hanging out with the Devil’s Due crew.


  • Charlotte

    Oh shit! xD

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Woops !

  • Oh, Vesper…Can’t take you anywhere…

    • Tegan: “Did you have to shoot the waiter?”

      Vesper: *wiping her gun clean* “Is that a trick question?”

  • Faolan Rei

    Vesper, please marry me.

    • plumecomic

      How big is the rock?

      • Nemo Scit Nihil

        Asking the important questions, so Vesper

      • Katie

        And is it worth as much as a solid gold, ancient medallion?

  • Tk

    Well he aint a reoccurring character

    • Nah, he’s fine. coupla Tylenol and he’ll back for chapter twelve

  • cmccrzy

    Please tell me this isn’t an April Fool’s joke cause that’s amazing.

  • Kalanluita

    Well, accidents happen 🙂

  • Chloe Elizabeth Adams

    that man just got April FOOLED

  • It was a prank, pal! April fools!

  • And with this, Tegan’s previous statement (“she’s back”) is revealed to be true: SHE’S BACK

  • Artblinked

    Where is Corrik’s eye-roll when you need it.

  • I bet this is how those paper figures at the shooting range originated.
    Vesper’s version is way cooler though.

  • of_dragonflies

    She has come so far from that girl in a mansion to this :’) *wipes tear*

  • Marina Silvus

    Oh Tegan’s face… So satisfied. Mopey Vesper has gone away, welcome back murder happy Vesper.
    And the sheer faux innocence XD You truly capture expressions perfectly.

  • Rosslyn12

    Did our “heroine” just *murder* a man in cold blood for manhandling a girl and possessing a wanted poster? Whatever happened to “beat em up and leave town”? Or “proportionate response”?
    It’s April Fools.. isn’t it… Say it is. Then again, a major story arc of this comic is supposed to be her finding out that revenge is dangerous… does she learn that about the sudden cold blooded murder of unrelated persons one needs no revenge against too?
    Sorry it’s just the Murder thing makes me suddenly cease rooting for the heroine.

    • Alex

      Sometimes, Bad things happen to bad people. In the form of a bullet.

    • maeverin

      I get what you mean, but one of her first lines IS “I love killing.” Nothing’s happened within the story to change her mindset yet.
      Also, these men aim to take her somewhere that doesn’t involve looking for Corrick, I don’t think she’s looking for proportionate response, just a quick one. I doubt she can beat them all up (even with Tegan’s help).

  • Bloo_Burry

    Go Vesper. Also, diggin’ the new clothes and hairdo. 😛

  • cfalk21

    was not expecting that. I am in awe.

  • RoseMallow

    As cool as Vesper is, I would never want to interact with anyone like her. She is scary in the violent and unpredictable way. Now I just hope that this isn’t some kind of misunderstanding, because that would just be terrible.

  • Ada

    a new angle on the wanted photoshoot