Chapter Eleven: 004

Hark! Who goes out thy window?!

And just a heads up, y’all. I will be traveling this week, so posts might be sparse until next week. Please forgive me.

  • maeverin

    Dang, is it me or are panels 4 and 5 channeling Corrick to Tegan’s Vesper?

  • Lucy Calderon

    That better be Corrick and Dom yelling for help or I will be a very unhappy human being.

  • cfalk21

    oh my god its finally happening

    • rogue android

      This made me laugh SO. HARD.

  • rogue android

    I feel bad for whomever is causing trouble out there; Vesper looks ready to kick ass, no names, no questions.

  • Looking at Vesper werking her wardrobe change and high ponytail makes me smile for no reason. Also, seeing Tegan take her hair down into a low bun, being all conservative and responsible… what a polar switch between these two, haha. I’m loving it~

    On another note, I just stumbled across a voiceover webseries for Plume and it’s already at episode 14?? How did I just find this omg?? I absolutely love hearing this comic come to life <3. Lindsay Zana voices Vesper and does a superb job, imho. Eric Snyder as Corrick caught me by surprise at first, but that rich deep tone won me over eventually. Not so much with Amie Fortman as Tegan tho- I guess I expected a more sultry and sassy tone to her voice. But Dom, omg, Dom's voice is EXACTLY as I imagined it to be, haha. Bless you Daniel Merriman! My major complaint is that the audio editing is pretty choppy and could use some serious blending. Otherwise, great job! You guys should check it out<3

    • plumecomic

      Yes, the webseries tickles me so! Makes me so happy that they’re keeping up with it. Love it. 🙂

  • Kathy H

    If she gets the amulet back she needs to turn it into a piercing and weld that thing shut.