• J9k9

    Tegan’s not exactly wrong….

  • sohmamon

    Well, one person’s irritating is another person’s comforting!

  • Ada

    Silent Hostile Comfort Corrick II:
    The Secret of the Ooze

    • Mario Santangelo

      that sounds like the best video game ever, for some reason. well done!

  • cmccrzy

    Poor Tegan. Exiled to nothing. Real sport for sticking by Vesper, though. Hopefully next page is “Thanks Tegan. I couldn’t do this alone. It means a lot that you didn’t just leave me alone to mope and go back to your job. I need a friend right now.” (And also a good comrade-in-arms, given the bounty hunters on her trail)

    • rogue android

      Tegan deserves the thanks; she’s a good person. But Vesper seems to have the bad habit of never quite appreciating people until they’re gone, and I’d be surprised if she broke that habit now. 🙁

      • I’m curious, where has Vesper shown a bad habit of not appreciating people in general? Or do you mean it in Corrick’s context in particular?

        And while disobeying Corrick’s instructions in not wearing the amulet led to a bad outcome, I’d hardly say she never appreciated Corrick. She wanted him to choose his own actions, rather than wear the amulet to bind him. She even stood up to Azeel to protect him for a change. Seems to me she genuinely wanted to appreciate him as a person, and not use him as some magical defence tool, like Dom.

  • Ahh poor Vesper! But hey girl, you have a “sister” who takes care of you too! And obviously you’ll get your man back!! Thank you, Tegan for being such a good sport about it XD

  • But you have Tegan now!

  • Diviana

    He glows, does that count as oozing comfort? He’s the perfect night light

  • I love how Tegan failed to mention that her occasional sexual harassment may have contributed a little to his silent hostility and general irritation XD