• Charlotte

    Back together as the old times <3 <3

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Yaaay get the necklace ! quick !

  • Morgan

    Now is the time for things to go right for the poor dears. They deserve a vacation

  • Aierdome


  • MrTopHatMan

    They forget he has lightning powers

  • Guestonymous

    This time, you better wear it gurl! >:( Please? I’m sure Dom’s done with it by now? >:) Maybe?

  • ChrisKrieg

    I really wish the frame immediately after the “cough cough” frame was simply “BLAAAAAM!!!!!!”

    Then next page would simply be confused Corrick looking at Dom with a terminal case of lead poisoning to the skull. Then Vesper grabs the amulet as Dom slips into the water.

    Now Corrick has the obligation to be OP while defending Dom. You had one chance Vesper!

  • Kat

    Am I the only one who noticed the little heart in Tegan’s speech bubble?

  • Girls had to come to save the day <3

  • MrTopHatMan

    All I care for is the gun, the gun has been retrieved and all is calm in the world

  • Mark Linimon

    Hmm. The URL has chaper instead of chapter, you know.

    • plumecomic

      HA! Will fix.