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For Vesper Grey, there is the Before and the After. The Before is devastatingly boring; teacups and girdles, and an overbearing Aunt who makes life hell. The After is Corrick and the uncovered truth about a magical necklace. It is the Wild West, and it is an adventure that could very well change everything.



K. Lynn Smith found her start in the comic world as a freelance cartoonist for her university newspaper. Currently, she is a freelance photographer (shameless plug), a designer at her local Chamber of Commerce, and a ye olde storyteller of the Western persuasion, via Plume.

When she's not shooting, designing, or writing, K. Lynn enjoys traveling, yoga and occassionally seeing the sunlight.



Q: What sort of time period does "Plume" take place exactly?

A: The time period is early 1900s, but it is a universe of my own creation. This is not historical fiction. I want it to feel like our world, but with some creative wiggle room.

Q: Why can't anyone touch Corrick's skin?

A: Because of the magical necklace in which he is bound. See, there are clauses in those curses... 

Q: How often do you update?

A: As often as I can, which roughly translates to about two pages a week.

Q: How long does each page take you? What programs do you use?

A: Each page takes about 8 hours, give or take. It really depends on those darn backgrounds. For programs, I use the glorious Photoshop CS4. She's my baby; she treats me good.

Q: Where's her necklace in the first few pages?!

A: Tucked safely away in her leather "fanny pack".

Q: Are you going to print "Plume"?

A: Playa, she is printed now! And you can buy her at your local comic book store or over at Devil's Due.

Q: Do you have a tumblr page?

A: I do. You can find her here.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: I do when I have the time. Please contact me at and we can chat!

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