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For Vesper Grey, there is the Before and the After. The Before is devastatingly boring; teacups and girdles, and an overbearing Aunt who makes life hell. The After is Corrick and the uncovered truth about a magical necklace. It is the Wild West, and it is an adventure that could very well change everything.


K. Lynn Smith found her start in the comic book world as a cartoonist for her university newspaper. In 2006, her artwork won the Michigan Press Award, as well as the Helen Victoria Haynes World Peace Cartoon Contest. Currently, she draws and writes the western adventure comic, Plume, which is read in over 70 countries, and landed the #6 slot for the Best Webcomics of 2013.

When she's not working on Plume, K. Lynn is a freelance photographer for the Fresh Image Photography LLC, as well as the Marketing and Graphics Coordinator for her local Chamber of Commerce. She enjoys traveling, shower-singing and occasionally seeing the sunlight.


Q: What sort of time period does "Plume" take place exactly?

A: The time period is early 1900s, but it is a universe of my own creation. This is not historical fiction. I want it to feel like our world, but with some creative wiggle room.

Q: Why can't anyone touch Corrick's skin?

A: Because of the magical necklace in which he is bound. See, there are clauses in those curses... 

Q: How often do you update?

A: As often as I can, which roughly translates to about two pages a week.

Q: How long does each page take you? What programs do you use?

A: Each page takes about 8 hours, give or take. It really depends on those darn backgrounds. For programs, I use the glorious Photoshop CS4. She's my baby; she treats me good.

Q: Where's her necklace in the first few pages?!

A: Tucked safely away in her leather "fanny pack".

Q: Are you going to print "Plume"?

A: Playa, she is printed now! And you can buy her at your local comic book store or over at Devil's Due.

Q: Do you have a tumblr page?

A: I do. You can find her here.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: I do when I have the time. Please contact me at and we can chat!


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